This week on dancing with the stars, tempers flared as harsh words were exchanged between Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Len Goodman.

In an attempt to protect his dance partner Soccer pro Hope Solo, Chmerkovskiy unleashed all the anger had inhibited for a while. On Monday, all hell broke loose when he finally took a stand against the negative criticism about his dance partner Solo. Some of the comments made about Solo are that she looks like a guy, and dance is not sexy enough.

Goodman told Chmerkovskiy that he has been in the business for fifty years, but Chmerkovskiy immediately fired back by saying, “may be its time to get out.” 

I thought Chmerkovskiy implied that Goodman is too old to be on the show, or is it just me being too analytical with the words. If he indeed that is what he meant, this is an act of ageism.

In the mean time, Chaz Bono and his dance partner Lace Schwimmer were voted out. Bono, expressed the constant attack on him by the controversial Bruno Tonioli, who called him that he looked like a penguin when he performed his dance on Monday. Almost in tears, Bono said he had enough of it and believed to be a target of attacks because of his weight. After his dance he made a comment, saying, “if you lose weight they love you,” which is true about this show.

However Bono handled his anger with civility and departed the show last night with dignity.

I hope next season Chmerkovskiy will not return on the show, I don’t like his attitude. He comes across as arrogant, but knowing how tv shows love drama for ratings. I won’t be suprised to see him back.