Social media paved the way to social uprisings that gave ordinary citizens a platform to voice out their concerns and organize all kinds of protests.

The Arab Springs movement became a success because of the power of social media. It all started with one post about a Tunisian man who set himself on fire because of lack of jobs. This heartfelt post led to an uproar across the globe, and it brought the people of Tunisia together to fight for equal rights.

In this tech-world, the whole world has become a global village, and with that said, what affects the people in the Arab regions affects all. 

Social media,” it’s just one click at a time and within seconds the world learns about new developments going on, on the other part of the world.

Therefore, it is fair to say that, “The Internet begot Social media; Social media begot the Arab springs; and the Arab springs begot the Occupy movement.” I wonder what next…