What happened to democracy and free speech? The Egyptian government who recently embraced democracy by having citizens exercise their right to vote, have let down a citizen’s right of free speech. A blogger now faces two years in jail because he blasted the military’s use of violence against the protesters.

26-year-old Maikel Nabil is just one of the thousand victims of an unjust government that has continuously exerted its muscles to silence the people by punitive measures.

Give the people their right to speak-out when things are not right, then what does democracy mean to the Egyptian government? If a blogger can’t even be allowed to critic the government when they are abusing their power.

The same thing happened to Syria where a blogger was arrested for critiquing the government. I guess the revolts didn’t register to these radical. Please give the people their freedom of speech!

Check out this cry for justice on one of the blogs by a Syrian woman using a pseudonym Angryarabia.