As we are getting ready to say good-bye to the year 2011, the year of historical revolts in the Arab region which resulted in bringing down some of the most notorious tyrants to their knees, like Gaddafi, and those to follow.

 I would like to applaud all the brave men and women who stood-up for change, they spoke against radicalism and shared with the world their misfortunes and mistreatment at the hands of their leaders. Through protesting, people around the world joined to support their cause and still stand behind them, until they accomplish their cause.

Despite grave consequences, the protesters did not bow to the fury of their leaders, but with dignity and prowess, they stood together to bring revolution, a new change that seeks to treat all citizens with equality every human being should experience.

Although things are not quiet where they are supposed to be, I hope 2012 brings life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the Arab region.