The year 2012 seems to be more balanced in terms of any uprising in the Arab States. How is it that we are not seeing any favorable changes? Why are people afraid to speak-out in the open?

This silence does not mean that people have achieved their plea, but it feels as if more and more people are silenced by government forces. The other day I was watching The Nightly News, and they had a segment on inside Syria about how the country has this enormous military presence watching every move made by its people.

As a result ordinary citizens are now on fences to express themselves openly to any foreign media because of fear of being reprimanded. After seeing this segment, I felt as though the government is robbing people their freedom of expression. So I asked myself, what is the government of Syria hiding from the world?

They are putting out this image to the world that looks like everything is under control, but sadly it is relegated into another form of oppression – silence!!!