Its been over a year since Egypt’s uprising began, and no dramatic changes have taken place yet. The aim which was to fight for equality for all still looks dismal, but the people are not going to rest until they see drastic measures taken. The Citizens are fighting to put an end to inequalities against women, children, working class, and minority religious groups.

On January 25th Egyptians celebrated the first anniversary of the uprising. Thousands of Egyptians took to the streets to remind themselves what they really want to see happen to their country, and together continue the fight until changes are made.

 The country’s future is at a stand-still, despite going to the polls last year, most Egyptian youths are unsure of  the candidate. It’s fair to be at fences with candidates who don’t share the views of the common people.

What is the next step for Egypt?

It will be a shame to see Egypt relegate to where it was before the uprisings, instead of shining a new light of hope.–anniversary-of-the-uprising.html?ref=world