The government of Syria continues to play popularity games. On Thursday, government workers were forced to attend a staged rally at the square.

This shows how desperate Assad’s regime is getting.

He is trying to show the world that all is jolly in Syria, which is far from the truth. This just adds salt to the woods of those Syrians who are hoping for a better tomorrow, because as far as this peace parade goes, it is all fake.

I really few sorry for those government employees who are putting their best foot forward, by going along with a staged celebrations. Its gotta be hard, chanting words that make you want to throw-up, such as, “I love Assad and so…”

Can you imagine being in that crowd and going along with it because you need to protect your job. It is not right to force people support you and your stinky ideology.

After reading the NY times, a comment by one lady caught my attention. She had an underline equivocation in the way she responded to how she felt about the rally. Of course she did not want to say want she really felt about it, she knows better after living under a dictatorial government, that some things are better left unsaid than bring attention to yourself. 

I don’t blame her for not being upfront. She is protecting herself in a country where freedom of speech is not a given. You got to be careful when you voice your opinion in a country like Syria.

Oh wow! lets see how long these supporters will stick with crazy Assad and his regime.

Until next time: later…