It’s spring again! 

Meaning it is time to check-in on with the top 4 countries that put the arabspring on the map: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

Tunisia, the country that started the whole revolt  in the Arab region, and later the other countries followed suit. Today the situation in Tunisia is far much better than Syria. Tunisia is more stable and has its own constitution which has helped the country stay in harmony.

On the other hand, Egypt is dealing with the fact that, one member of the brotherhood party has just announced to run for presidency. This came as a surprise to most people because the party had originally indicated to have no interest in running for presidency. This kind of back-tracking has many concerned on whether the muslim brotherhood can be trusted. Definitely, all eyes are watching how all this plays out.

In Libya, the militia’s presence continue to make civilians feel antsy. The militia leader is now a contender to run for office, for many Libyans its like deja vu again. Making them nervous because of what they went through with their previous leader Qaddafi, who was also a military guy.

Finally, Syria is still walking on egg shells. The country has experienced the worst of the revolts, and now the UN leader, Kofi Anaan calls for a cease fire. Hope this will work.