UN observers patrol the city of Homs, to ensure the cease-fire put in place 10 days ago continue to hold ground.

Although this looks like the best step to obtaining stability in the country, many are still skeptical as to whether the UN cease-fire will bring peace to Syria. It’s understandable to be skeptical, because Syria has been nothing but a roller-coaster. The country has been unrest since last year, and to entrust the UN with protection, for many it will be a challenge. I don’t blame those who are still unsure about the whole restoration of peace.

The only solution, is to get rid of the dictator and have the people vote for a new government. Besides, that was the whole point of the Arab Spring. Cleaning house, and bring in vibrant young minds.

In the meantime, the people of Syria have to take it slow and figure out what to do with their country. Again, they should not be bullied by an either-or alternative, Assad should go!!