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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Election results still remain a mystery in Egypt. With no confirmation on who the winner is, Tahrir square is again inundated by thousands of people wondering why the results have been delayed.

This huge crowd gathered at the square, is a clear reminder of the inevitable, which could cause unrest among supporters of either candidate. It is imperative that things do not get out of hand, and the only way to prevent that is to tell the people results. They voted and its time to end the mystery.

Whether the winner is Morsi or Shafik, it is the people’s choice and it should not be changed by a superior military power. No one wants to see Egypt go down like Syria.

The revolution paved Egypt’s way toward democracy, and now it is time to see the country flap its wings to a new beginning.

With continual shelling, UN observers’ mission is hampered because of attacks aimed to derail them from doing their work. The six-point plan issued by Kofi Annan, which is aimed to call for an immediate cessation of fighting, first by the Syrian government then the opposition.

Raising safety concerns is UN general Mood of Norway, he feels the observers are at a disadvantage because they are unarmed, and also that these attacks are clearly directed at them by armed groups. Hence going through with the mission, will put his men in danger.

Talks are underway whether the UN mission should be suspended until it is safe to go back again.

Mubarak rubs death, clings to life.

Thousands Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square to protest the presidential results. Both camps are now claiming to have won the presidential elections, and this has triggered anger among the supporters of either camp.

Mohammed Morsi of the muslim brotherhood announced his victory over the weekend, and now Ahmed Shafik, former prime minister of the Mubarak regime is claiming to have won the presidential elections.

However, it is reported that the actual winner is Morsi of the muslim brotherhood, and if confirmed, this will be the first time Egypt will have an islamist government.

With all the uncertainty, it is safe to say that the winner will be announced to the world and at this moment its not ideal to lean toward one side, but instead wait for the official announcement.

The Egyptian Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing former regime members to run for office, and this gives Ahmed Shafiq a chance to take part in the upcoming presidential elections.

While most Egyptians see this as a backdrop to pre-revolution, there are many  who feel that the court’s decision was the right thing to do.

The court’s decision to dissolve an Islamist-dominated parliament, was a smart move of not allowing the Islamists dictate the direction of the country. This also balances power on both ends of the aisle, and in the end the people will choose a candidate they hope will do right by the country in honor of all the blood shed during the revolution.


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