The recent elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, ordered Islamist-led Parliament to reconvene. Morsi’s rebut is tacitly directed to the Military forces who are still holding on to powers.

As president, Morsi is using his powers in ad lib to overrule the Supreme Constitutional Court, which in the first place had dissolved parliament because most seats were occupied by Islamists. The whole scene so far is to prove that he is in control and that he can challenge the highest court of the land.

Although most Egyptians are for Morsi, but it is not in the country’s interest to reconvene the dissolved seats.

It almost feels like deja vu again. The country is going from one extremist to the other. Why else, would he want to bring back members of his party?

Watch once he has the majority in the house, then hell will break loose. Things wont be as smooth as most Egyptians are hoping for, the country might face some hiccups if this issue remains unresolved.