Free at last!

Enthused Libyans went to the polls to cast their votes that will determine a new government.

Despite disruptions at the Benghazi polling station, the people around the country braved the heat and stood in long lines to do what is right for their country. Some voters were filled with emotions because this day is very symbolic to them. After enduring a long dictatorial rule under Muammar Gaddafi, some voters were in awe to have lived to see this day, where they could cast a vote that will form a government of their choice.

Now, a light of hope shines in the country and it is a thrilling feeling to all those taking part in Libya’s next chapter.

Free at last Libya!

Yesterday’s dreadful days are over.

Tomorrow is a whole new day.

Indeed, the revolts made a great impact on you Libya. I’m amazed that this new Libya is gradually headed to a more modern democratic country, that gives the people power to decide a suitable government that shares the ideals of most Libyans.

So far the current results indicate that the major Liberal Party is in the lead. This is the same party responsible in the toppling of Gaddafi. And it looks like the Liberal Party may end-up being in power after all.