As the violence in Syria escalates, Kofi Annan relinquished from his failed six-point plan that was intended to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad from power, to a face-to-face sit-down on Monday morning.

According to Aljazeera news, after the meeting, Annan praised the sit-down with Assad as successful. He described it as “constructive and candid.”

Wow! now that is a first. How can Annan be so naive to trust Assad’s empty promises?

The guy has got tyranny blood running through his veins, and there is no way Assad will be willing to compromise his power-thirsty regime with UN’s ideals that may end up pushing him out of power.

I don’t trust him and I don’t believe he is ready to work with the UN, just thinking that Annan felt the talks went well, makes me cringe.

This is just another game Assad has off his sleeves, drawing the enemy closer in an attempt to gain some favors from the international community. If anything, Assad’s goal is to welcome talks of cooperation that will be beneficial to his government, and like a cobra, he will turn against any promise he made.