An air of melancholy dwells around Syria as reports of yet another mass killing takes place in the village of Tremseh in Hama province.

According to Aljazeera news, the government forces are responsible for these killings.

Just a few days ago Annan and Assad had talks which they claimed were constructive, how then can the government forces drop bombs on innocent victims?

You can’t solve problems with weapons, but you can solve problems by brainstorming ideas that can be agreed upon by both parties. It is time, for the rebels, Annan, and Assad, to get together and propose a wise solution that will help the country of Syria move forward without deathly conflicts.

Right now what is going on in Syria is devastating. Every day, innocent lives are in danger, and yet the main culprits are hiding behind stupefied agendas of freeing Syria. I don’t know why they can’t admit that their plans are not working whatsoever.

Life is so precious to be exposed to danger on a daily basis, and if Assad and his regime care about the Syrian people, then they can prevent these unnecessary killings.

In this case integration is the way to go, come up with new ideas, because it is obvious the old ideas are not working at all. Thus, all those involved in peace talks need to be tactful as they work towards change.