Syria’s continued instability has resulted in an influx in the number of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. It is reported that the camps are running out of space at an alarming pace, as a result, this is causing a pinch on the economic system of these countries that are taking in these refugees. The countries include Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq who are trying to figure out what to do with the number of refugees seeking protection. And how can one turn away someone in a dire situation, it is just impossible, these people need help and they need it right now.

As Assad’s fury intensifies, the only logical choice for most people is to get away and seek protection from neighboring countries, where they can feel safe from a devilish government. Most Syrians do not intend to risk their lives by staying in Syria. I mean, who would want to risk their life for a fight that only Assad thinks is sensible, it doesn’t make sense at all.

The people leaving their livelihoods and fleeing to foreign countries has quadrupled. Although the places they are running to are starting to fill-up quickly than anticipated, there is no way to turn these people away. They need protection and the UN needs to look into this issue sooner than later before more lives are lost.