As a Communication student, I find it so disheartening that Americans are ill-informed when it comes to International news. The major reason, is the media’s focuse on news items that have violence/crisis tied to them. And if a story has no American angle to it, then it is not going to be broadcasted/published. Thus, the networks presume that, Americans are less interested in world events, and networks decide what is good for the American public, major “gatekeeping.”

Lack of detailed information creates stereotypes and it doesn’t look good for a country that promotes globalization. Agenda setting is also a major issue, for instance, whenever we read/listen to international news, it has to have some element of violence/crisis.

Coming back to my focus of this site, the revolts that were supposedly seen as a step to equality and a free democracy, have somehow regressed to catastrophe. Look at Syria, it is sad to see fellow humans being killed in the name of keeping the regime or political ideology alive.  Libyans‘ protest which also ended in the loss of lives.

When will we see an end to this, if we promote globalization, then we should care more of what is happening in these arab nations, innocent lives are being lost every day. Arise! I know we are capable of stopping these senseless bloody wars.