The year 2013 began with a relief to the American public as the senate  reached an agreement to end the fiscal cliff, which would have affected most families had they not voted yes to extend the Bush tax-cut. This is such a relief to most families whose income would have shrank tremendously had the senate not agreed on ending the fiscal standoff.

While hope shines in the US, there is still suffering and despair in the middle east. In Syria a Russian-built MiG fighter dropped a missile at a a gas station and killing people who were waiting to fill-up their cars with gas. Its hard to fathom the  conception of the Syrian government, if they really want to win the hearts and support of its citizens, maybe they should reconsider inflicting pain and suffering on the people. Both the rebels and Assad’s regime should sit down and reach a compromise, because the way things are going, 2013 will be another year of bloodshed. Its time to put an end to the senseless killings.

The Syrian people deserve a break from despair, their hope for the future needs to be restored, and I pray and hope that this will be a year the world will witness the hand of God  bring forth stability and freedom upon Syria.