I smile as i walk engrossed in my thoughts

Little things give me joy

Things we take for granted because of our busy schedules.

I have found that little things such as a sound of a bird, a dog barking, a walk on the beach and as the waves sweep to my feet, and in that moment you become one with nature.

These mundane sounds are so incredible and yet we choose to ignore them.

I find that when I pay attention to such sounds, I get a different perspective on life.

Life should not always be stressful, you can stop and look at the beauty that surrounds you.

Take a look at that beautiful tree today as you walk your dog in the park or as you play with your kids, stop!

pay attention to the details of the wonders that surrounds us, even as you just step in your backyard look at your beautiful flowers in your garden and smile, because life is worth a dose of smile!

Always remember, it only takes little things to warm your heart and don’t forget to live, laugh, and love!

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