How do i define my life?

I can definitely say with conviction that every step I have taken has led me to where I am today.

People say life is full of “ups-and-downs,” well, I certainly agree. It is evident that when I look at my life and where I have come from, it is easy to just give up and dwell in my sorrows, but thats not the course I’m taking or leaving for my legacy.

Having this kind of outlook on life, has helped me look at failure and rejection with a different perspective, that is, a perspective of leverage. I have come to understand failure as a prerequisite of success. With that said, every person has got an obligation to either fight back with a bang by staying on your feet and taking a step of confidence or give up and lick your wounds.

In my life, I have fallen many times, I learned to pick myself up and faced life in all its ugly ways. I must confess, I’m still falling, but this is not going to stop me march towards my dreams, because no matter what kind of hurdles are in my way, I know I will eventually get there.

It takes perseverance, drive, focus, courage,persuasion, and hard work to get to where you want to be. And yes! it is not easy, it takes a strong minded person to overcome the hurdles of convenience and laziness.

For instance, my life, took me from Zambia, where most women are defined by marriage. I knew I was destined to do something different, but I had no idea and did not know where my life’s journey will end up to. Without giving up, my little steps of confidence landed me in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Without forgetting my core values, which are: perseverance, drive, focus, courage, belief and empathy, I testify that I’m beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I’m a college graduate from the University of Washington, with a bachelor’s degree in communications and social sciences. As I walked on 06/15/2013, I knew I was taking a step of confidence into a new chapter of my life, and now the sky is the limit.

I now believe that it is time to join hands with a reputable NGO to help the under privileged. This was the pledge I made, even when I had no idea how I was going to make a difference in the world, since I have the right tools I can do more and I’m so ready.

Finally I pledge to take a step of confidence to be a citizen of the world and join hands with a non governmental organization and make a difference.