Take a drive on Haxton Way and discover a beautiful scenery of trees lined up along a two-way street. A street that may resemble your neighborhood, but the only difference here, it’s like driving into paradise.  I kid you not, your eyes will be graced with this stunning view of huge trees with healthy green leaves that are constantly producing clean oxygen you and I depend on.

The Haxton Way trees are rooted on land that has not been disturbed by pollutants.

The trees continue to thrive in this natural setting where its trunks are massive as they provide the needed foundation allowing the tree to stand tall and proud. With roots deep enough to help the trees withstand any windstorm, the solid underlying base is so firm. Figuratively, it is tantamount to a tight community that is always there for its neighbors, thats how close these trees stand in harmony.

The trees go back-and-forth waving the leaves in the air as the breeze sweeps through. There is a soothing sound that is so delightful to the ear, the air smells clean and fresh, and you can’t help it, but smile and let that breeze rush through your face.

This short drive on Haxton Way, will awaken that creative side of you. You will learn to revamp your energies, and your inner-child of yours specialized at observing with intent. This street will relieve all that stress causing you to gnaw your teeth. It is here on Haxton where you will appreciate nature in all its mighty goodness.

Nature is man’s best friend and it can be beneficial to each one of us to experience the aesthetic part of what nature can do to your mood. Come on you all, shake-off your worries and engross yourselves in all things nature.