This is a story about a child growing up in a hunger and war-torn zone, a place where hopes and dreams are nonexistent. In this part of the world, a child’s future is as dark as the night, it is cold as ice, it is hot and barren as the desert, it is suffocating with stench air-filled with putrid dreams.


This is a story about growing-up repressed, knowing nothing about your rights and putting your life in a dictator’s hands. This is a story about a child in the Middle-East (Syria), Africa (Darfur- Sudan) and all warring countries.

This is a story of all lost souls, whose lives were tampered upon by greedy tyrannies. My heart aches as I think about every child subjected to such environs. No child deserves to be put in such situations where they can’t defend themselves.

This is a story to all the children around the world. A lost child’s life, is a big loss to our world. Its time to end senseless fighting and give that child a chance to thrive and grow up to be a great citizen of the word.