Its another new day and I sit up in bed wondering what response awaits me in my email. I have spent every single day applying for jobs at numerous companies and every time I open my email box, I’m met by the same frustrating words “We Regret…” The words you don’t wanna hear especially when you are ready to launch your career and begin paying back your student loans. The feeling of rejection is suffocating, lonely, and crippling.

This new day, as the sun shines through my bedroom, I wonder if I will be able to breakaway from these shackles of negativity. I am undaunted, just like a believer with a strong determination and drive that I have, I will come up on top.IMG_4428 So on this bright morning, like a story teller on DPChallenge, I know this is part of the journey to greatness. I went to school to better my future, and now is not the right time to give up, I will keep on fighting like the fighter I am.

Just like this sun shining through my room, my future will shine as bright as a new day.