As I walk my dog down on the beach, he stops for a moment to stare at the beautiful blue water filled with foamy white waves as it washed out to shore. In that moment i realized that nature is such an admirable thing to the eye of any living thing. My dog awakened in me the appreciation of stillness. I quickly came to a standstill and taking note of the beauty in front of me.

Here is another picture that captured my imagination.


As I looked far yonder into the body of water I saw the surfer wave forming and once it approached the shoreline it broke into tiny white waves. The waves gushed whispers of the living waters, like the call of action that resembles a warriors’ pledge to serve and protect, as the blue sky marveled the power of togetherness in all its glory.

And it is when I recalled the power of stillness. The power of self-reflective.

Stillness is the power to identify majestic moments, stillness is a gift to listen to different sounds and relate that sound with what is going on around the world. Stillness has the ability to bind us as one, because sometimes in life it we tend to overload our daily lives with mundane things and forget the what we are best at.

Nature speaks many languages and delivers all kinds of messages, hence, its up to us to take time to appreciate the moment of stillness just like my dog and I did on our walk on the beach.

Find what piques you and nurture that talent, you never know your talent may be revered my others. Take time to appreciate a moment of stillness today and remember to take time to live, laugh, and love…