Once you fall into a deep slumber, your conscientious self begins to reveal things about you that you may otherwise be afraid to face-up.

The dreams, oh yes! Those dreams that repeatedly come back to you over-and-over every night. Why not act on them?

Now it is not the time to remain passive and let others step on you because you are afraid of taking the spotlight. You too, deserve to shine, make this your moment and leap up and grab your great skill in life.

Today its the day you will  wake that marvelous dream of yours and show the world what you are made of. Don’t shy away and allow others beat you to what you can do best in this lifetime.

Do your best and continue pushing until you reach out and take that opportune moment, where you will be able to birth your dream to reality.

Brush-off those insecurities and pounce on your precious dream, it’s your dream and only you alone are in charge to bring this dream of yours  to fruition. Like a grape tree bears grape fruits for the vineyard, you bear your dreams to sustain your soul and benefit the world at large.

IMG_4438A grape fruit, epitomizes your dreams. You alone can morph them to greatness. Cheer up and shine like that star you were meant to become, use your talent and your dreams will be glorified.