When I look into your eyes, I see pain, uncertainty, and defeat

When I touch you, you tremble with fear for the unknown

When you talk, you swallow your words in confusion

When I stand next to you, I smell the sordid anger eating at you

Why do you allow yourself to suffer like that?

Why subject your beautiful soul fight the ugliness of anger?

Why don’t you step away from confrontational urges?

I ask why, oh, why? But you refuse to face-up

Now listen, and listen carefully

If you carry-on like that, you are pretty much digging your own grave

You can change your own destiny

You can do it if you surround yourself with people who care for you

Admonish anger and don’t allow it take the best of you

Here, take my hand!

I will help you cross over to the other side

But before you crossover, you must burp out your anger

Burp the negativity that harbor inside you

Be a better person and learn to enjoy who you are as human being

Never, ever, allow yourself prostrate to that anger keep inside you

Come on, burp, burp it all out!

Vomit that dark side causing you pain

Let it all out!

Don’t allow your anger take the best of you

Release it and be free

Reclaim your happy side

Reach out and grab your freedom

Remember to burp out all that constricts you

Be free from darkness

Open your eyes and see the light

Exhale and burp out your anger,

Glow with happiness and twinkle like a star.

Show off your colorful persona and keep a positive attitude to life

Start blossoming with a wealth of capabilities and brilliance

Like this beautiful flower, your aura smells heavenly


Blossom your awesome self

And remember to live, laugh, and love!!!!