In 2011, I transferred from Edmonds Community College to the University of Washington. I was elated to be part of the UW community, the place known for its quality education and producing the most successful citizens of the world. It was this place that gave me a promising perspective of how I view the world and how I carry myself in the community. Yes, the steps I took at UW prepared me to think on my feet, engage with poise and be heard in this world filled with too much noise.

Looking back at the moment I stepped on these campus grounds, I could smell, feel, hear, see, and taste success. It smelled like old books filled with knowledge to sustain my brain, it felt heavenly like home, it sounded like students chattering about new innovations, and I could see myself morphing into an intellectual person with the ability to make an impact in the world. I knew right away that I was in the right place, where I had the capability to write a new chapter of my life.

These steps symbolizes courage and unfaltering zeal to arise from nothing and tread on the steps of Suzzallo Library, the steps of the intellectuals that led many to promising career. To walk on these steps, you don’t need to be rich, you only need to bring your A-game and sacrifice your time to immerse yourself in all kinds studies and research. In short, anyone is capable of rewriting his/her own destiny, it only takes determination, perseverance, discipline, and focus to make it a worthwhile. If you have what it takes, you too can do great things for yourself and believe in your dreams, most importantly take action and get things going.

IMG_3330Don’t be an empty entity, go ahead and make a mark in the world and walk shoulder-to-shoulder with shakers of tomorrow’s world. Remember to step up your game and rise above all odds. In the meantime, live, laugh, love, and make things happen for your own sake.