On one dark night as I stood under a full moon reflecting on the trajectory of my life. A lightbulb went on in my head reminding me that in life every person goes through adversity, and it is up to each person to turn that adverse moment into a learning experience.

As I walk in the dark arrays of hardship, I know I have it in me to hold on to my dream and make it a reality, because I have tenacity and perseverance to succumb any trials of life. I do believe that I am very insightful in so many ways, I also realize that I have pretty much control of my own destiny, yes I do!

The sky is the limit and I will sail right to the top even when faced with any derailment, because I continue to believe in my great abilities to make things work.

I know that life is not guaranteed, it can be taken from me in any moment. I therefore, will not waste time admiring someone else’s dream, but I will live my life to the fullest and do the things I love and make this life of mine enjoyable.

Every step and decision I make going forth, is to make this life of mine filled with bountiful memories of joy and success. I am a soaring soul looking up the sky and realizing that I have so much potential and I can turn things around for myself and be that shining light in the sky, and maybe help someone realize that they too, can make it in life.

I recommend the best dose to a successful life is  live, laugh, and love!