IMG_4960The Seahawks image above, speaks true to what is going on in Seattle right now. The time is here to silence all pundits, It is time to show the 49ers what the Seahawks are made of. It is time to solidify who the big boys are in the NFC West.  You can translate the image the way you want. For me this image is a proclamation of what is about to transpire tomorrow at CenturyLink. Take for instance the helmet, it portrays armor for a majestic team ready to go to battle. It is an implicit way to show the prowess of the Seahawks team that is ready to take down its enemy and match on to victory. Checkout the unequivocal clock on the helmet, this is a clear way to tell everybody that it is finally the Hawks’ time. The red arm in the clock, depicts a bloody, vicious game that awaits us tomorrow as the best team, in this case is the Seahawks, will remain standing.

The eye in the image, signifies the immaculate vision possessed by all Seahawks players, it is the vision only found among the greatest fighters, warriors, soldiers, and players. As such, the Hawks have the ability to observe their opponents with intent and make plays that captivate the audience, while leaving their opponents confused and gasping for breath. This eye has helped the Legion of Boom to be the greatest in the league. The Legion of Boom (LOB), continue to make plays as one, they prevent opponents from putting points on the board, because their vision is as alert as that of an Eagle or rather a Seahawks.

The Seahawks are ready for this game, so is the 12th man. Tomorrow, we will experience the wrath of the Hawks as they match towards the gates of madness at CenturyLink. Remember, the 12th man will bring the rambling noise that will cause the 49ers to make irrational moves that will cost them the game. No one will prevent the Seahawks from seizing their moment, it is their time and this will be proven tomorrow. Let these revelations come to fruition and remember to live, laugh, and love tomorrow’s big game.