super bowlSunday 2nd, the Seattle Seahawks played in the Super Bowl, a game of  lifetime. The fans were ready and cheered on as the guys stepped on the field. It was a fantastic experience to be a part of. The Seahawks defense had their mind on the ball as they completely annihilated the Broncos. From kickoff, Denver Broncos appeared confused and gave up a safety from their first snap, and it all went south for the Broncos as the Seattle Seahawks triumphantly  put points on the board. By the end of the game, it was 43-8 Seattle. The young Seahawks team commanded the top stage of Super Bowl XLVIII, and easily won the game with the special team being the x-factor. The MVP Malcolm Smith was incredible, Percy Harvin was explosive, and the entire team made the game easy and fun to watch. The guys simply played hard and physical. Each play was impressive to watch, yeah Go Hawks!

In my neighborhood of Bellingham, the fans gathered at the Silver Reef Casino to watch the game that turned out to be spectacular and outstanding. More than 200 fans showed up with so much energy as they rallied the team along. The room was electrified with jubilation, people were high-fiving and hugging each other, it was unbelievable. The execution by the Seattle Seahawks was simply phenomenon and impressive. It is true to say that the Broncos were completely choked and confused.

Checkout this image below, it is a testament of real emotions realizing that it finally happened that the Seahawks are the Super Bowl champions. Yeah, baby!

IMG_5488The fans are looking forward to Wednesday for the Super Bowl parade, trust me the city of Seattle will go crazy. Hope to see all the 12th man at the parade, are you in?