I have been sitting here for over an hour staring at nothing but the blank page on my computer trying to blog something sensible. I spent countless hours trying to find interesting topics to write about, but my brain is not doing the thinking. It is annoying especially when I was looking forward to spending this rainy day blogging my heart out. Blank mind is the enemy of creativity, it is crippling to any writer of any calibre.

As I’m typing my frustration, this is what I’m currently doing.

I’m laying in bed with my laptop in my laps, my dog laying to my left demanding to be petted, he has no idea of my frustration. To my right, I have this beautiful view of water and birds fly by searching for food. It is breathtaking, just check it out.

Oh, what a sight!

IMG_5465I will sit back and enjoy the view until next time when my mind is free and spilling with exciting ideas to blog and share with you. In the meantime stay blessed and enjoy life and take in all your surroundings, it is in small things that we find fulfillment.