How can you enhance creative outcomes in a group setting?



First and foremost, it is imperative to remember that any kind of group work is essential to productivity because it births a wealth of diversified ideas. Meaning, members of any group need to be diverse. By diverse I’m not talking about race, but it is all about involving members from different departments, or job titles. For example, you can have a nurse, carpenter, sales clerk, engineer, pilot, chef, farmer, etc., all these members are diverse with great ideas to bring to the table. The more diverse the members of the group in terms of thinking styles, training, experience, knowledge orientation, and problem solving heuristics, the better.

Great creativity is achieved whenever group members establish congruence among themselves. The following are some of the steps that need to be observed:

1) Disclosure: revealing to others about your communication style, whether you are an extrovert or introvert. Relaying information that can help group members understand your comfort level when it comes to group participation.

2) Riffing: each member is encouraged to write down their own ideas before presenting the ideas to the group. This impedes any inhibitions idea generating among its members; instead it gives members the freedom to express themselves freely. Usually iteration is the key because the goal is to share, build, combine, and refine ideas based on the comments and interactions of group members. Similar to brainstorming it is important for group members to suspend judgment, lose ownership of ideas they have contributed, and go for quantity (superfluity).

If you ever want success from your creative group, just practice the above steps, and in no time your group will be more creative than before.