IMG_1033 Today as you continue on your journey of purpose, you need to focus on what is important to you, and not what other people tell you can and cannot do. For instance, if your mind is set on becoming the next social media strategist or doctor, then that is your goal to achieve and flourish. Never give up easily and most importantly trust in yourself just like Russell Wilson did when he walked on the field to play his biggest game of his life and defeated Peyton Manning. He used these three inspirational words to boost morale to his team, echoing his Late Dad’s words of confidence,”Why not you?”

You too can train your mind to stay focused and never explore the world of failure, which can easily impede you from dreaming big. It is critical that you immerse your mind with positive thinking and block out all those negative forces that may be coming to you at a hundred miles an hour, because striving for greatness takes tremendous work and discipline. You have the power to be who you want in life, tread on and never look back, even when you fall down, get right up and continue matching through until you get to the very end.

Whatever you do,keep on pounding on that long journey and remember to set your sight on the big prize. All that toiling along the way deserves the reward at hand. Do you recall those countless hours you spent in the library, classrooms with your head buried in books, so you can get to this point? Kudos to you, you earned it and go on and reach up to claim whats yours.

Celebrate your journey of purpose and always remember to laugh, live, love, because it only gets better from the point you get to the other side. Keep on matching forward, you are great!