IMG_3162Get out of that dark spot you may be experiencing and take initiative to share your feelings with someone you can trust. It is important to be true to yourself and stop hiding behind that shell.

Albeit, keeping to yourself is likely to drive you back into the same dark hole and leave you wither away like a leaf that is no longer attached to a tree. Learn to free yourself from this trap and start out by cracking the shell. Although it may seem hard to start with, but you have it in you to strike harder with all your mighty to break the shell and find that sparkle you so much deserve.

Open up and don’t be embarrassed to share, it will do you good to let loose and shake off everything that has been holding you back. Life is too short to keep yourself sheltered. Now is the time to disgorge that pain you have been keeping inside you. Arise and release your feelings, because you have more to offer the world than hiding that potential in that dark shell. Step up and embrace your capability, for your special talents awaits to touch others and help the world in so many ways. You can always rely on your friends and family to help you get to a better place and learn to live, laugh, and love.