Peering out into the raging water, the Seagull anticipates an opportune moment to catch its prey. Well aware of its surroundings, the Seagull chooses the biggest rock to wait for the waves to die down before diving into the water. She knows that out here, you need to be careful because it is easy for the hunter to become the hunted.


In no time, up came a small dog hoping to pounce on the Seagull and make it the meal of the day. With quick small jumps, the dog wonders how it can get up on that big rock. He takes a moment to regroup and come up with the best plan of action, but immediately realizes that it cannot get up on the rock. Aggravated by the situation at hand, the dog decides to bark at the Seagull as a sign of prowess.


In response, the Seagull spreads her wings and flies away up in the sky, leaving the dog staring back up with envy, and wishing it too had power to fly like a Seagull.