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What is a Title Tag?

A title tag is the main text that describes an online document. It is the second most important element in the SEO word, of course the most important being content. Title tags will always appear in three places: browser, search engine results page (SERPs), and external websites.

Therefore, it is crucial to create a more descriptive keyword rich title tag for increasing rankings in search engines.

Why should you be so obsessed about your title tags?

Title tags help generate more traffic to your site, depending how you curate your title by using keywords within your title tag that give a great descriptive of your business or rather what your web site is all about. Remember a great title tag calls for a terrific low-effort, high impact SEO ranking.

Consider readability and emotional impact

Since title tags need not be long, at the most only about 70 characters will display in the search result. The engine will show an ellipsis (…)  to indicate that there is more information that has been cut off. Use keywords in your title tags that will help elevate your website and be descriptive within your 70 character limit. Keep in mind that creating a compelling title tag will pull in more visits from search results and can help with increasing traffic to your web site. If you are not sure about keywords to use, you can enlist the help of google by visiting Google Keyword tool/Google Adwords to see which keywords cater to your needs. Google Adwords is software that tells you each of the combinations used with a particular keyword, along with how many times the original keyword and its combinations have been used.

Sharpen your search engine optimization skills and remember to live, laugh, and love.