As I rolled out of bed with my eyes barely open, I reached to my phone and saw I had a missed call. Listening to the message, I felt a pinging pain in my throat, that’s when it hit me that things were getting worse than I thought. In that instant, I realized it was about my student loans. Its time to start paying up my loans. Oh crap! I don’t even have a job yet in the industry I went to school for. It’s really been an extreme challenge searching for a job as communication graduate. Every employer wants you to have some form of experience, especially in the field of social medial strategist/content writer. How in the hell am I going to get experience if you don’t hire and train me? It’s such an absurd way to punish people with skills who can help your company reach to great heights.

To all you employers, sometimes you ought to be open-minded, because you never know what kind of employees you are missing out on by letting your egos in the way of dictating talent. Just to let you know, I too, I’m very determined to make things happen.

When will my breakthrough come?

This question, has been roaming through my head. To tell the truth, I feel like I’m standing on the dark side of the bridge, where everything is so blurry and murky. Standing still as I watch the others cross over to the other side of the bridge where it all bright and promising, it’s a scary and deflating feeling. It is time for me to crossover too, I need to utilize my knowledge and skills I gained from the University of Washington, I will certainly keep on pushing until doomsday is over.