When it comes to SEO, it matters how you search for relevant keywords to optimize the potential of growing your business. It is not a secret that businesses or bloggers all want to generate a high-ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As a matter of fact, Google  had to get rid of AdWords Keyword Tool which was the most popular keyword generator for most SEO experts, and in its place google now uses the keyword planner.

Google keyword planner has proven to be beneficial and less cluttered with irrelevant information. For example if you want to search for information relevant to a specific area, you can do just that, geo-targeting makes life easier for the user especially when you want to focus your search to a specific region or country, keyword planner will deliver your wish. Remember that in order to use google keyword planner, you need to sign-in into your Gmail account, from their you can resume your search by typing the keyword and in return, the planner will show you the most used keyword that relate to your search and popular to the region of your target.

This is it for now, remember to live, laugh, and love.