You are probably scratching your head and asking yourself why your friend’s website is insanely catchy and yours isn’t, or maybe you are just a novice when it comes to website building. Worry no more, because you can find numerous help on website building online, for instance Wix  just is one of the most popular website building tool that is very easy to use. With Wix your website will be up and running in just under an hour. I enjoy playing around with Wix every so often because it’s so much fun.  I was first introduced to Wix by one of my instructor from UW, when I was creating an annotated bibliography for my final paper and she wanted us to build our own website and state what we learned from the our own research topic. Visit my website at: http://emulamb.wix.com/exildah-smith

If I did it you too can do it. It’s really not that difficulty to create your own website on Wix. There are two ways you can do this, you can either pick a Template of your choice from the many Templates provided by Wix, or you can simply build your own from scratch by clicking New. And if you wanna challenge yourself a little bit, I would recommend you build your site from scratch because this will give you that satisfaction of accomplishing something big. Don’t we all need that feeling?

Ok, now here is what you need to do to get some insight on how to create your site from scratch. Go to Wix.com and click on create site, then to your left clic New. Follow the instructions, it’s all about drag and drop kind of thing. I want you to perfect your craft, because I care! In order to do this, you can easily follow these instructions provided by the professional site creators  from Wix.

Enjoy building your first site, hopefully I will get to see your new site. Remember to live, laugh, and love. Share the knowledge.