Although I’m not too fond of romantic novels, I thought Julianne Maclean’s book “The Color of Heaven” was a good read overall. I enjoyed her writing style, which takes a more visual approach and allows readers to use all their five senses. And with this approach, readers are able to experience all the emotional roller coaster of Sophie Duncan’s life.

According to a RT Book Review, much of Maclean’s life is portrayed in Sophie’s character, which is not so much of a surprise when it comes to most writers and their work, they tend to infuse tit bits of their experiences in the characters they write about.

The gist of the novel is learning to forgive in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What the author does, is that, she uses the accident to symbolize the death of Sophie’s past life and all her pains of losing her daughter to Leukemia and the end of a picture perfect marriage. During her comma, we see Sophie interacting with her mother, it is in this moment that we understand the importance of introspective and learning to let go of all that suffocates your soul. And waking from her comma depicts a new chapter and forgiveness of all those who wronged you in the past.

All in all, the book is about finding your inner strength after any hardship you may encounter and learn to live and love again.