There is something thrilling about wanting to share a quick video or photo with your friends, and knowing that those images will be deleted once viewed. Unlike other social media platforms that store your images forever. And it is with this sense of security that make most users lose their minds and start posting provocative images with a belief that nothing will get traced back to them.

According to an article on six things you need to know about snapchat, there is always a way to retrieve deleted items from the server. It’s best to keep in mind that snapchat is also a form of social networking, therefore, everything you do all say on these social networking sites stays there forever. Snapchat is no exception despite what they promise about deleting all your posts once your recipients open them. Snapchat tend to give most people a false sense of security in a way that may be damaging. For instance, most teens and young adults are posting crude images that may end up damaging their images because they bought into the belief that snapchats completely deletes everything. Well, your posts may disappear after a few seconds, but does that mean that they are completely erased from the server? Well, thats tough to believe. As far as I know, servers store information and deleting that information is not that easy.

Whatever you do, be diligent with your snapchat, have fun and share your experiences, but remember with technology nothing is easily lost or deleted and there is always a way to trace information back to the user. With that said, don’t get comfortable, the server stores information and getting rid of it completely is not realistic.

Snapchat with care!!!