Empty chairs!

Ah, it just dawned on me

That you will remain unoccupied

You swallowed my loved ones

Now you remain empty


You were once lively

Now you are solemn

A symbol of grief

Empty chairs:

You are as empty as a thief



You stole the figures of my loved ones

You stole the laughter of my loved ones

You stole the beautiful smiles of my loved ones

Now you sit empty in despondence

Empty, empty chairs


Empty chairs, ah!

Empty chairs indeed you are cold

You are the villain that hijacked my memories

Empty chairs a reminder of my happy days

Yet you are a sad sight


Empty chairs:

You are now dark as night

And cold as murderer’s heart

Empty chairs your shadows are forlorn


Their was a time when you were a jolly sight

Occupied with loved ones, not anymore

Today you are empty

Tomorrow you will be empty

Because no one will bring that great liveliness

And from now, you will remain empty

Yes, empty for seasons to come


Because you are empty chairs

Empty, empty, empty chairs

That’s what you are