Richard Hale’s frozen past is captivating and intense. His style of writing is amazing, he has a way of immersing the readers in the lives of the characters and making them  involved in the story as much as possible, and that is makes a reader to continue reading because they are vested in the lives of the characters.

Frozen Past is told from different angles, first and foremost we hear the tones of teenagers, Luke and Eliana, who are in love.  Luke vows to do anything to protect Ellie. Then there is that authoritarian voice, one told from the point of view of the law enforcement, and the other told from the monstrous killer, this perverted adult who manipulates kids not to tell anyone of their communication, or risk the consequences.

All these voices speak of today’s society and the gruesome murders that happen in different neighborhoods. As the killer kills only to get back at society and the rules that govern it. The killer  can also be interpreted as terrorists of our day, who will kill at all lengths in order to defy solidarity.

Hale does a good job connecting today’s events in Frozen Past. The story can be interpreted in different ways depending on your worldview. Over all it is a good read.