Google+ is a networking service from Google, but it has its own flare to make your online networking more interesting.

If you are a small business, take advantage of all the tools Google+ has available and  make your business visible to potential customers.

Here are some of the things you need to get you started with Google+

Circle – this is where you set up and personalize your own circles, you invite people to your circle – similar to Twitter’s follow tool

Huddle– is a group chat, instead of sending SMS Messages, Huddle can pool them together to make a group chat which is still private to outside viewers

Hangouts – its a video chat and instant messaging

Sparks – a suggestion engine that finds interesting web items based on your interests

Instant Uploads – you can upload photos and your videos direct from your Youtube account or from your phone/pc

Check-ins – You can allow check-ins on Google+, its more like Facebook