Enchantress has a cinematic feel to it and as you read, it probes you to think beyond the fantastic adventures author James Maxwell paints for you, and it is somehow congruent to our own world. How we do with power, the whole premise is mainly about hegemony. Who has what and which country is not supposed to possess this powerful weapon and so on.

In Enchantress, we see regions fighting and forming allies, while at the same time some allies are broken because of fear of being destroyed by the Primates who possess the most Essence that can destroy a whole nation in a blink of an eye if used carelessly. Essence simply symbolizes nuclear, a powerful weapon that can create havoc on an entire generation. Also Maxwell talks about the Lexicon, Runes, Lore, and the Enchanters, these symbolizes authority all rather power of the others. Then there is the Dunfolk who are viewed as primitive because they preserved their traditions and refuse to be corrupted by the outside world. Maxwell writes, “Dunfolk: We may think them primitive, but they have learned more about the use of medicinal herbs and plants than any of our battlefield surgeons.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? Of course it does, we are too quick to judge those who have chosen to follow their cultural beliefs and think them as primitive all rather backward people. It is important to remember that because of hegemony, some societies are losing touch with their own languages and traditions or in the name of following the civilized worlds, as such putting themselves in a vulnerable situation.

Overall, it’s a great read.