One day, your arms will carry me across the ocean

One day, your tender touch will send jitters through my spine

One day, your heartbeat will possess every inch of me

Like a girl’s desires for a new Michael Kors handbag


One day, you will ask for my hand to join yours

one day, your straps will sit across my shoulders

And we shall walk as one with an unbreakable  bond

Like a girl’s desires of a Michael Kors handbag over her shoulders


One day, you will build beautiful memories with me

One day, you will warm my heart with a wondrous smile

One day, I will be crowned in the comfort of your Love

And I will know that a girl’s desires are deeply cherished by you


And when that day comes, you and I will be together

You will always know that home is here with me

I will always hug you, kiss, and love you to with all that I am

And…you will never have another touch unfelt