Jolly flowers, waving at me with an endearing love

The kind of love for all who seek and cherish it

But it only takes a few to stop in their tracks and

Notice thy beauty filled with abundance love

It only takes a few to feed and satisfy their dispirited vases


Oh jolly flowers, you are more than plants to me

You are the forceful spirit of joy transforming those

Who come into contact with you and breathe love into faces

Your colorful blooms feed the desires of the heart


Jolly flowers:

You may come in different forms, but your beauty is

Everywhere, and I know right here in front of me

I’m not just peering at pretty purple jolly flowers

I am actually standing in your magnificent presence

Filled with astounding love for all


Jolly flower, you warm my heart with a tingling sensation

Running through my body and gracing me with a sweet

Aroma permeating through the air I breath and filling my vase

With bountiful love to share with others as I blissfully snuggle in

Your awesome love and kindness

Thy endless love bestowed by you  pretty jolly flowers