Girl child! You’re not forgotten

The eyes of the world are searching for you

As your captor Boko Haram cowardly keeps you away

From your loved ones, denying you the right to a free education

He puts you in cold dark places and shoves his putrid ideals on you

Forcing  you to surrender your dignity and enter into the dark ages of slavery


The plight of a Nigerian school girl, concerns all the citizens of the world

A denial of a girl’s education, sends ire tremors to the whole world

Because education is the thread that connects the fabric of humanity

It stitches threads of love and care into the fabric of humanity

For every missing girl, taken against her will by the monstrous Boko Haram

The fiend trying to cut through the thread of peace and harmony

But no civilized person will sit back and let him strip the girl’s dignity away


The world joins the mother who cries for her missing girl day-in and day-out

Sending prayers of hope and guidance, until the perpetrator is brought down

A mother’s cries shall not go in vain, her hope shall be renewed by a twinkle star

Shimmering with abundant hope for the girl’s return to her mother’s open arms


Thump, thump, thump, international boots will stump the dusty roads of Nigeria

Lifting sand in the air and thrashing it in the captor’s direction

Blinding his eyes and making him disoriented with no sense of direction

As sophisticated drones of the superpowers  annihilate his obsolete ideals

And crashing them to the ground with a superiority force known to man

In that moment, Boko Haram will face his judgment and his ideologies

Will be cast down into a fiery hole and burn to ashes