I’m laying here contemplating about my day

Should I go out and meet a friend for coffee or should I stay?

It sure seems easy to cancel my appointment based on the rain

Blame the weather and stay!


Its raining hard, I cannot meet with you today

That’s an act of laziness, taking the easy way out

Like in life, people continue to take quick exits

They forfeit any commitments at any chance they get

They are too quick to run to the nearest exit


Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Pouring out of the mouth like raindrops

They flow with a certain fluidity capable of drowning oneself in a spiral of self-deception

Detonating the road to success with floods of failure

Yes, excuses are nothing but an obstruction to living a fulfilled life


One less excuse is an additive to a thriving life

It is a lucrative road to growth and success

It is a bundle of  joy and happiness

Live your life without excuses pulling you back

Flow with graceful currents like a body of water

Pushing currents in the right direction and make no more excuses


Get out there and explore, today is your tomorrow’s history

And you will look back to this day with a big smile on your face

Because it is the day you leaped over from the webs of excuses