mem                  m Why you should care!


Memorial day, is a day to remember all those who sacrificed their lives to ensure that every American enjoys the glory of freedom. But today it is no longer thought in those lines, because it has been robbed by the culture of consumerism. As the consumer industry rises, so does our fixation of shopping. It is safe to say that consumerism is yet another connotation of a terrorist, terrorizing the public with banners of for sale signs, and easily relegating the day to remember the men and women in uniforms into just another day to find bargains at the mall.

Consumerism the Grinch that robbed all the relevant holidays, it is the umbilical of shopaholics, it holds them by the ear, and every time memorial comes around the hit the road and dash to malls or online, because once you feed into consumerism then you are ensconced in its webs and it is hard to extricate from its tracks. It is true that the consumer industry has figured out how to brainwash the public by simply putting up a montage of sale signs during memorial weekend and easily drawing them from the importance of the day on hand to puppet shoppers.

Consumerism is the archetype of a recruiter whose aim is to grow the economy at all costs. Hence, turning the public into insatiable consumer monsters who always want more and are never satisfied with what they have. With that said, you need to contemplate on what is important to you on this very day, and remember to not fall victim to the web of consumerism.

What are you doing this memorial day? Will you take time out of your day and appreciate the freedom we usually take for granted and thank those who saved and died for this country? or will you just like many immense yourself with the idea of consumerism and hit the shopping centers? Whatever your ideation is, take time out of your day and be thankful for your freedom, because not everyone around the world enjoys the great freedom we normally take for granted.