Life goes on and so should you

Never waste any second of your life dwelling on what could have been

Instead, get your fit on the ground and be the conductor of your life

Don’t snooze and wake up tomorrow with grey hair wondering what happened

To the green pasture you once set your eyes on


Life goes on and you are the determinant factor of which direction to take

You’re the filler of your life


You’re the star in your life’s journey

You’re the headliner and your duty is to keep your storyline unforgettable

Trudge onto the path of twinkling stars of the heavens and leave your name

Inscribed into the book of legends of tomorrow


Life goes on and will never slow down for those who drag their feet

Life is like a bot of lightening traveling at 180 miles an hour

Defining you with all its twists and turns that tempt your patience

Don’t allow life leave you in the shadows of darkness

But be the commander of your life all through the trajectory of light


As life goes on, pick yourself up and gather your colors to paint your life

You’re the canvas and let those brilliant colors splash endless colors of beauty

That portray the person you’re and not what others what you to become


Scribble your life story in the book of liveliness

As a character of your book, write poignant lines of your life

And make it interesting, grab the attention of others and be a window of inspiration

Because your life is a book that will either be read or be discarded in flames

Life goes on, you better grab on and run with it